“Genesis” – A Step Ahead of the Other Premium WP Frameworks?

In case you haven’t noticed, the evolution of Responsive Web Design is accelerating at a faster & faster pace.  A single web developer (Ethan Marcotte) is credited with starting the bandwagon back in May of 2010.  Recently on September 12, 2011 The Boston Globe went full-bore Mobile Responsive, and some of the Premium WordPress Framework Developers (Josh Byers/StudioPress) are now climbing aboard.  StudioPress with their Genesis Framework, are on a roll to update most (or all) of their Child Themes to Mobile Responsive Design.  Starting last December and the first two months of this year, the following three Mobile Responsive Child Themes have been offered with the Genesis Framework for $79.95, or by themselves for only $24.95:

StudioPress Generate Child Theme

StudioPress Eleven40 Child Theme

StudioPress Balance Child Theme

Their Responsiveness can be tested using Matt Kersley’s Web Responsive Testing Tool

(You can also test YOUR OWN WEBSITE with this tool.  Are you brave enough?)


If you’d like to research Child Themes by StudioPress further,

Click here to download the (FREE) Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners (PDF – 1.4 MB)

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